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At Integrity Buffalo Heating and Cooling, we treat you like family because our customers are our family. Servicing customers throughout Western New York providing the same high-quality service every time.


As a property owner, it's very important to consistently maintain your furnace.
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Air Conditioning

Air conditioners need to be cleaned periodically to ensure that airflow can enter condenser coil.
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We can evaluate your HVAC systems and help you sort out your maintenance and repair options.
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"They do an excellent job. Very reliable and reasonably priced!"
Janine V
"Excellent job and great guy donnie reasonable and honest. Just had him at my house. I would definetly recommend!"
Joseph G
"I just had my a/c unit reset because of a sagging pad plus service on my entire hvac system. A wonderful job completed for a very fair price and attention to detail, as long as it took. I also recommend Integrity Carpet and Upolstery Cleaning. Same dedication and attention to detail!"
Penny M